What I bought

by thefashiondorks

Hi, guys! I would like to welcome you to yet another special post. This one is all about what I bought and why I did that. I’m going to try and do this post every month and show you what I choose to put in my closet. If you like the post make sure you let me know in the comments below, thank you :). So without further ado, lets jump right in!

I decided to pick two of my new clothing items that I thought were just amazing.

The first piece is the beautiful Stradivarius sweater. It’s extremely warm and comfortable. It’s perfect for fall, and the weather that comes with it. It has a cute black floral pattern which you can pair up with a pair of jeans (preferably high-waisted). The one thing I don’t really like is that it shows a part of my tummy, since it’s the first clothing item I have that does that, but I’ll probably get used to it ;).


The second item that I’m totally obsessed with and wear them all the time at home, are these ah-mazing Adidas running shoes. Yes, I bought them for PE but they’re super comfortable and I just can’t help but wear them. The colours are neon pink, green and white, which is just right to make you stand out. And to be honest I think they inspire, I mean I surely got really excited and wanted to run a whole mile in them :p. 


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Until my next post,
Anna xoxo