VMA Red carpet

by thefashiondorks

The closest we – “normal” people – get to being a celebrity is by watching some of very much famous awards. Last night were up the Video Music Awards, which means only one thing – red carpet.
And I’m here to represent you guys some of THE most fabulous outfits we came across. Are you ready?

A woman that has 100% ruled this red carpet is our queen Bey. All black look with beautiful pair of earrings, that is all it takes for her to look stunning. 

Nicki Minaj may have or may have not used a pattern on her dress and paired the choice with simple heels. I think it looks good and it makes her look a bit more serious than previous outfits did 😉
While Florence and the machine sing “no light, no light”, we sing “no pants, no pants” to Taylor Swift. And still, she managed to look sexy, didn’t she?
A male is up next, Sam Smith looked oh-so-good with this choice. But it’s easy for him, no dress was needed!
Can we just stop and mention Iggy Azalea‘s bright choice? This look could easily be used for Grammys!

Our girly Ariana Grande went with a leather look this time. No pink and you have to agree with me, it looks gooood 😉
By twe way, did Kim K just show her “woman’s side” ? Oh you bet she did! And with a colourful dress, here she stands … With another good choice.
I am happy to say that Miley Cyrus appeared with a black outfit and a smile on her face. Suits you good, Miles. Use that more often, please! 

Rita Ora, Jennifer Lopez and … Did you all see Demi Lovato? Can we just … look at her? Because this look says “hot, hot, hot”. Kendall Jenner is gorgeous in this outfit! And among many beauties that showed their legs, Kylie Jenner showed hers as well.

We had sooo many beautiful outfits right there and I have to stop now, because I may never will if I just look at another outfit. Tell me, who (of these or those that I didn’t mention) deserves to win the VMA RED CARPET BEST LOOK?

Don’t worry, I made sure you can see the photos better if they are too small for you. Just click on them! Check the rest here and make sure you follow us!
Till next time, Tamara Xx