Autumn look

by thefashiondorks

I don’t know how the weather is where you guys live, but in Slovenia, we didn’t have much summer this year! September is acting pretty weird, as we have autumn and summer in one. Well … What can you do.
There are different seasons all around the globe but if where you live it’s supposed to be autumn, I’m doing an autumn post just for you!
Polyvore user @Lifestyle-79 made this gorgeous set that I am simply in love with. It’s kind of a street look but with all the accessories it suits perfectly for autumn. Every outfit for that season should require a coat, if you ask me. They’re so fancy and beautifully made.
If it rains, heels may not be the best decision ever. Rainy shoes or boots sound a lot better. But with this outfit, heels are just necessary,
And about the colour … Autumn can be a pretty depressive month and using black is even MORE depressing … So cheer yourself up with blue, but don’t over react and use neon pink or so. Neon colours are mostly better for summer 😉

Here is the second set I like and it’s made by @vallle. Kind of a “turn off” are these sunglasses because autumn doesn’t tend to be that shinny 😉
But the look is so sophisticated and even no heels are needed. Flats are best for autumn, you can use them even if it rains, they’re not the best thing to weat then though.  
Use a stripped shirt and make it more noticeable with a necklace
Put on these beautiful white pants but only when there is no rain! Don’t wear them on a bad weather, unless you want them to “not be that white” at the end of the day 😉
And a purse is always welcomed!
If it tens to be colder, add a coat and maybe change the sophisticated pants into something more simple – like blue jeans. 
That same user made another autumn look which I like better than the one above 😉
Coat is here, scarf is used, a hat is also needed for a colder day. The only turn off for me are the heels, I would probably use some flats 🙂
But I think it’s probably the best look for when it rains. Your jeans won’t get dirty, you won’t be cold, and a bit of pink will make you happier as well 🙂

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Also, we apologize for not being active for such a long time. We figured we should do some changes when school starts and we decided not to post that much as we did in summer. That way you’ll be able to read my posts on wednesdays and Anna’s posts on sundays. We’ll be posting the friday favorites as well.

Have a great day and I’ll hear from you soon!
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