What I bought

by thefashiondorks

Looook who’s back, it’s one of the fashion dorks, yay! It’s been awhile, right?
My two excuses will be these: I am either in school or … in shops 😉

IMG_0953The weather is insane these days – one day you need a winterish coat and boots, the second day you need a summerish shirt and pair of sneakers. What’s better than having both, then?
IMG_0957Here is a purple kind of a shirt, appropriate for both winter and autumn. It’s not too thick (that is warm), but you can pair it up with a jacket or something else. It doesn’t have a pattern, but the colour let it live on its own.
I love the buttons and the lace that lays around the neck – those make the shirt youthful and beautiful.

Here is another shirt for autumn/winter, the colour of blue with white stripes. Use it for those days when you simply don’t feel like going out with a bold pattern – the choice is safe and yes, a bit boring, but sometimes that’s exactly how you feel. I love these little “golden” buttons that lay around the hand. 
Now take me back to summer! I bought this beautiful black shirt with “kind-of-a-lace“. I know, I know, we all want to walk around with bold and screamy colours when summer comes around, but you can’t wear neon colours to a summer wedding, right? The shirt is long, so it’s not a top – don’t get misstaken!

A woman needs nail polishes and you know it, so I picked a purple kind of a colour and blue one, both I could pair with all three shirts above.
IMG_0962Last but not any less important is this necklace I got to fall in love with. I bought it in H&M for the prize of 5€ which is really cheap. The bad side of it is that it gets tangled up pretty easily, but for the beauty it’s worh the trouble!

Thank you for sticking around, I hope you liked this post and you should check our other posts and follow our blog!

Talk to me, what do you love picking in stores and how are you doing these days?

Talk to you soon,
Tamara xx