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About Louise Roe

When I was asked who is my fashion inspiration, I immediately said LOUISE ROE. And just because of that, I thought I should have said more.
Because we’re a fashion blog, I won’t talk too much about who she even is: an English television presenter, model, and fashion journalist. You may know her by her show “Plain Jane”. 
To me: she is just a fashion idol.
Heels, accessories, colours … That is what “must have” in all of her outfits are. She NEVER fails to look trendy, fashionable and youthful. If you are a woman, you should look like this!
I tend to look pretty dark with my clothes, which I should work on. And noone else can be an inspiration than Louise Roe herself.yPolyvore user albacampbell made this beautiful set where Louise used black colour. Even if you decide to go through with a darker outfit, you always have to bright it up with a jacket or accesories. Nobody wants to look boring and black colour sometimes manages to do that.
Louise has milions of fashion practise and knowledge, so it’s not hard to put up with so many great outfits. It’s harder for us, those that aren’t such fashion experts, but sometimes a good eye can help as well.
What she teaches us is: be bold, use accessories and heels and experiment with colours. That’s the key.
To find out more about her style, check her site

What do you think of her and who is your fashion idol? Let me know in the comments below!
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Friday favorites

Hi, guys! It’s our first Friday favorites post and i am super excited. So to start things off I decided to choose 5 celebrities that looked gorgeous on the red carpet or the street. Make sure you share your opinion in the comments below 🙂

1. My first absolute must see look is the beautiful Chloë Grace Moretz. Some had referred this outfit to a granny shirt dress but I think quite the opposite. I think she found a way of keeping it classy but still looking youthful. 

The Carrie actress is scoring a Miu Miu creation, on the red carpet premiere of her new movie If i stay

NY: "If I Stay" New York Premiere

2. I can not keep my eyes off this outfit, it’s the always stunning Taylor Swift. She is at the premiere of her movie The Giver and it is right to say that she represents old Hollywood glam. When I first saw her I instantly thought of Audrey Hepburn. What do you think about this gorgeous outfit?

3. My third outfit, you just need to see is the new mom’s, Kerry Washington’s summer dress. The fit-and-flare style from Parker at the waist makes her body look gorgeous and the mesh panels throughout the bottom are a super sexy way to show some skin without taking it too far.

4. The new Mrs. Dorsey (Naya Rivera) looks incredible in this black-and-white outfit. Scoring some white, baggy pants and black, long sleeved crop top the young star shows off her glorious abs. And by adding the hat and black pumps she ties the whole look together and makes it look a bit gangster but still super fashionable.

5. My last but surely not the least look is Selena Gomez’s  chic outfit. The young singer and actress is wearing a sleeveless shirt, some slimming high-waisted, black skinnies that highlight her perfect curves. I simply adore the Yoko Ono shades and the black pointy boots. The only bad thing here is the LA weather, I think I’d have roasted in the sun wearing that :s.

And those are my five Friday favorite outfits. Did I miss someone? Make sure you comment below 🙂

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Long skirts

Hello everybody! It’s been a while since I have talked to you all, but here I am now 🙂
Long skirts are very in right now, and pretty comfortable too. 
We can match a skirt on so many different ways and experimenting with colours and patterns is welcomed no matter what.
I will always and forever recommend to go with either a colourful skirt or a colourful blouse. Too black is never pretty, but matching with hundreds of colours can be difficult as well. The safe choice is to always go with two colours – a bright one and a dark one. Black is normally the best dark colour you could have picked.
Styles are different, though and not everyone are a fan of a black colour and pair of heels. You can go with a “country” look, use a white blouse, a colourful skirt, accessories and flats. 
That’s how easy long skirts are – they look beautiful no matter how you match them.   
And this is just in case you were thinking “you are wrong, long skirts are not trendy at all!” Both Louise Roe and Miranda Kerr got dressed in one of those and looked wow-so-cool. So … *Katy Perry’s voice* Baby, do you dare to do this? 
And please speak up, how many of us do agree that Louise Roe is just simply GORGEOUS wearing this outfit? It has to be one of my all time favorites!
As Slovene people say … “This is a dot on i”: although I am obsessed with Louise’s “patterny” game, this is also my favorite way of using a long skirt. Purrrfect …

Tell me, what do you think of long skirts, do you wear any and so? Comments are  always opened!
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Kisses from one of your fashion dorks, Tamara 😉

My platform obsession

It’s been over a month since me and Anna opened this blog and we still haven’t talked about our clothes/shoes obsessions, so I decided to take a first stand in it.
I use Polyvore and Tumblr a lot and therefore manage to see things I wouldn’t have where I live. As I am from Slovenia (a really small European country), fashion here isn’t as expanded as we would all want to. We can still be trendy, but platform shoes are incredibly hard (if not impossible) to find.
I believe they are pretty new to the fashion, as it took quite a lot of time for me to even know that something like that existed.
There are, of course, many of different types of platform shoes – from the Vans with a platform to beautiful heels. And I love the heels kind! 😉

While doing a Polyvore set, I came across a site that sells some of those shoes. As we can see, both of these have a heel and some kind of a “belt” that goes around your ankle. First ones are “leather kind” and second ones are made a bit different than first and are pictured in a white colour.
The beauty in both of those shoes is – to me – that they look different. I can’t really explain it to you what it is that drags me towards platform heels, but these shoes are so beautifully made that they … almost … make me cry. 
But … at least with these … The price around 150$ is also the one that makes me cry … 

Where can you find these shoes? Apparently, not in Slovenia. But a lot of internet sites sell them – Yesstyle (they are more focused on sneakers though), Nastygal (beautiful selection of oh-so-many platform heels) and others.

Do you like platform shoes? Let me know in the comments!
If you want to buy one, take a look at those three sites or take a path to Google and find some choices on your own! 🙂

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Army style

Hey everyone, I decided to make a quick post about the army style/fashion. We won’t talk about how our brave troops fight for us or what their gear consists of. We will talk about why army colours and patterns became popular in the fashion industry.

First of all I would like to say that I like all of the military looks, they make you look bolder and stronger, but as always you must be sure to pair them up with the right things.


All of the army patterns consist of two main colours, olive green and black. So if you choose any colour from that colour family, for me it’s considered an army colour 🙂


Matching those colours and a traditional army pattern is very easy.

If you wear an army jacket you can mach it up with so many different things for example try a white ordinary T-shirt, dark jeans and pull the whole look together with some black boots (picture below).


Other than just army jackets there are loads of other items you could have in your closet, like army trousers, shorts, shirts and even boots. So go a head and try this style out, I am sure you will not regret it. 😉


Do you like this style? Do you have any favorite army style clothing item? If you do, let me know in the comments below 🙂 and also make sure you like this post and, if you don’t already, follow us.

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Outfit time

Hello everyone, how have you been? Well, I was great … I took some time to explore again and I put up an outfit for you guys 😉 I hope you like it, but let me know in the comments!

So, here I am, in s.Oliver again, because … Let’s face it – clothes may be expensive but they are really nice as well! For this outfit I combined a beautiful simple greenish shirt with some black pants. I love the pants because they have such a gorgeous cut at hips, so they are those that are exposed and your legs just look so much better. These pants have an “accessory” on their own – that are golden zips which are put up instead of pockets. The shirt is, again, simple but I really like its colour as it’s not too “neon green” but it can still manage to enlighten your outfit a bit.
 You can get pants for 79,99€ and the shirt for an okay price of 35,99€, both at s.Oliver.


I’ll tell you, I wanted to add a jacket to my look as well, but the one I found was a little bit “too much”. However, I think you should go with a jacket or even a blazer (I recommend a black one, but maybe you could experiment a bit and add a blue one or so).Because the shirt is really simple, I would also add a golden necklace. We always have to be careful to not add too much bonuses, but maybe we could combine the necklace with some pair of earrings or bracelets
For shoes, hmmm … I think a pair of flats are perfect, but you tell me! (Mine are rainy shoes, so please ignore those!)
IMG_0272 IMG_0271
Well, is it okay? 
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I’ll hear from you as soon as I can, bye bye.
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Denim is definitely one of the biggest trends this spring and summer, it is a trend that goes way back and never gets old, but I never knew that scoring denim on denim will ever be in, and I guess the biggest names in music proved me wrong. You can see that both Beyonce and Rihanna are stunning in an all denim outfit, so why wouldn’t we try it too?


And with that said I would like to share with you three oh so gorgeous sets i found on Polyvore.

Celozaslonski zajem 14.8.2014 113449.bmp

This set was made by mirary and it sums up everything you need to know about denim. Don’t over do it, add a shirt or in this case a coat so you don’t exaggerate with denim. You can buy those amazing, Denim Le Garcon mid-rise slim boyfriend jeans right here for the price of 295€.

Celozaslonski zajem 14.8.2014 113659.bmp

Here’s another amazing set made by Musicfriend1. It’s a perfect outfit for spring or summer dates. As you can see it also contains a flower patterned shirt, so the focus is not just on the denim. And to make your day even better, I will give you the amazing news ;), you can get this Lightwashed Denim Jacket for an amazing price of 37€ right HERE.

Celozaslonski zajem 14.8.2014 113723.bmp

And this set is my personal favorite, made by bamaannie. It’s an affordable outfit that makes you look on trend and stylish. So to find those super cute, H&M denim shorts just click right here and you’ll have them in your closet for an absolutely affordable price of 13€.

If you’d like to check out more sets on denim just click here. Make sure you like and comment which set is your favorite and don’t forget to follow us 😉

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Polka dot

Hello everybody! Can you believe me? This is another post of a pattern!
I know, we have written before how to match patterns and we also introduced you the flower pattern. But ha, you thought we had it enough? Of course not 😉
Another pattern that is popular this summer or this year in general is the polka dot pattern.
It’s not “too much”, but it’s enough to make you look more fun and relaxed. 

It’s funny how both of these shorts have the same pattern, but somehow they look different. 
Take a look at the first shorts. Black and white – both the safe and serious choice, shorts may be high waisted and those dots look a bit bigger. If you ask me, I would use these shorts for a fun and relaxed evening. If you go for a walk with your friends, this is probably your good choice.
The second shorts used pink and red as colours – both brighter, the dots are a bit smaller and the shorts have two cute buttons. While  I would use the first shorts for a fun evening, I would use these for something more “sophisticated“. I think they would be good for street style. The pattern is fun, but colours are so beautiful and so is the cut of those shorts, so you just can’t use them for just a walk. They deserve better 😉

Even though I am not such a huge fan of … dots, I like them as a pattern. Just because you can have the fun and the serious choice, just by picking different sizes of dots and different colours. It’s so practical and you can use it as for a fun evening as you can for street style.

Just let me tell you one more thing … If you decide to use the polka dot pattern, be careful. You can use the pattern on a shirt, shorts, shoes, on a dress … EVERYWHERE. So wherever you decide to use it, be sure it won’t repeat itself. Do you want to be covered in a pattern? It’s sounds funny, but I think you don’t 😉

Let me know in the comments what do you think of this pattern! 🙂
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The Teen Choice Awards

Hi everyone, sorry we haven’t posted in a while and to say sorry we decided to do a special Teen Choice Awards edition, that were just yesterday.

All the amazing celebrities were there and boy did they rock the red (blue) carpet. So why don’t we jump right in to fashion heaven.

So the first celeb I want to start with is Zendaya, it’s accurate because she also won the Candie’s choice style icon.

zendaya_a_pShe sizzled in a super sexy pink dress. Coleman’s fuchsia custom-made Material Girl gown was absolutely fabulous. The dress was very thin with a high neck and a keyhole around her chest revealing ample cleavage.

The sisters who really know how to work every single red carpet are definitely the Kardashian-Jenner sisters. Not all sisters were present, but the ones who were looked fabulous.

Kim-Kardashian-Teen-Choice-Awards-2014-PicturesKylie and Kim had coordinated their looks and both opted to wear crop tops and skirts for the occasion, while Kendall took a different approach in an all-white outfit of trousers and a top.

The outfit I personally loved was worn by the show opener, who is that? Well of course it’s Demi Lovato

demiShe stunned and showed her curves in a White Mini Dress.

The one that’s got everyone buzzing and is an absolute best dressed celebrity, is of course Taylor Swift.


The singer showed of her toned tummy in a flirty green two-piece set by Novis. What do you guys think? Do you love it as much as I do? 😀

Among the best dressed is the always beautiful, Vampire diaries star, Nina Dobrev


She looked stunning in a Vionnet top and shorts, also scoring a Michael Kors clutch.

We can not leave out her gorgeous co stars, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder.


Below are some more pictures of the eye catching celebrities.

Ariana_Grande Debby_Ryan Emily_Osment Sarah_Hyland Willow_Shields Selena_Gomez_a_p

And that is it for The Teen Choice Awards. Comment who you thought was the best dressed and make sure you like this post, plus I wouldn’t mind if you also followed us 😉

Until next time,
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Flannel shirts

Hello everybody again! Today I am writing about flannel shirts.
Well, I use them for two things:

  • To put it over a sleevesless shirt in summer
  • or literally wear it as a shirt in autumn

Which means that we can use it as a shirt or more of a “jacket” thing. It works both ways and although it’s not such a sophisticated piece, it’s really good to wear on your more cozy days. I think we all prefer hoodies for then though, but flannel shirts can be used as well. And … You know, sometimes we just don’t feel like putting on a blazer 😉
What is so fun about flannel shirts is the pattern. Okay, let’s be honest – it’s the same with every flannel shirt. But it makes a comfortable shirt even MORE comfortable.
There is also a new trend that uses flannel shirts and it looks really good, even some celebrities wear it. You put the shirt around your waist and match it with an outfit.
It’s used in the picture below.

It goes good with a rock style, because you don’t want to use too much colour in your outfit when the shirt has the pattern already. And the most popular colour in a rock style is probably black, right?

Jesy Nelson, from a girl band Little Mix, uses it for an every day look and even for some concerts! And just because I love that trend, I used it in one of my sets as well 😉

So, you can use a flannel shirt on three ways after all:

  • as a shirt
  • as a “jacket”
  • as more of an accessory 

So, which way is your favorite and do you wear flannel shirts a lot?
Let me know down in the comments!
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